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Frequently Asked Questions –
Course Information

Where does the course go?

The course travels east for 2.5km, along the Bay to Bay Cycleway (concrete path) until a turn around point in Ford Park, Strathfield South (just past the Water Street bridge).
See link to course here.

Is the course accurate?

The Cooks River Fun Run course is Athletics Australia certified accurate and is precisely 5km and 10km.

What will I find along the course?

There will be drink stations on the course at the 2.5km and 5km turnaround points.

Why doesn’t the 10km course extend further instead of doing 2 laps of the 5km course?

Whilst the Bay to Bay cycleway continues from Strathfield to Botany Bay, there are multiple major road crossings in sections further east, as well as the path transiting through a number of other councils. To the west, the path joins residential footpaths. As a Strathfield Council hosted event, the Cooks River Fun Run course is contained in Strathfield’s boundaries with only one minor road closure required. This makes the event feasible and helps keep costs down.